I've been hacked!

22 Dec 2014

Someone figured out how to get in.  I think it's cause my password wasn't the best.  Hundreds of php files were sprinkled around the various places and suspicious code was inserted into existing php files.  So I reimaged the OS and reloaded my web server files from a backup before the breakin occurred.  They were having a ball sending out emails from my site. 

Hobbie King revisited

25 Dec 2013

They eventually did come through with the order.  It was weeks later and they never did answer my question about tracking.  So if you don't need something and can wait for it you could consider using them.  I won't.

Stay away from Hobby King.

19 Oct 2013

I placed an order over a week ago from them and they said they dispatched the package last Friday (one week ago).  I went to the tracking site and the only date I saw was today and it made no sense. 

2013-10-19 11:36:37Order Information ReceivedFOTAN HNG 852

They did add this, after I placed the order.


I'm a bit pissed.


I finally got my order, however the ticket I opened asking about the trace never was answered.



18 Oct 2013

I was ordering parts from Jameco, primarily since I needed a 0.01 uF cap.  While looking at caps, I saw an assortment with cabinet.  I decided it was time I had one, so I ordered it plus some other things I needed.  It arrived a couple of days ago.  The parts came in little bags and there were labels to put on the drawers.  There's lots of room for expansion.  My only complaint is that they didn't send any 0.01 uF caps.  They are missing.  I got two bags of 0.1 uF caps, but no 0.01 uF.